The HazelMoon School is standing high with a legacy of more than 5 years as an educational institution. Behind opening the school we had a promising dream and great vision of creating minds that help us to enrich the society with their innovative ideas and triumphant approach. The school is a beacon reflective of its vision of seeing every child as a bright, confident, and responsible citizen of the country. We quench to provide enriching and holistic development which is also reflected through our qualitative programs.

In this endeavor, we pledge to arise curiosity amongst our students and unlock their hidden talents by educating, enlightening, and empowering them. We realize that education at this time is taking a 360 degree turn and needs to attune to the ever-changing world affairs. The world is moving at a fast pace and we must prepare our students to face the challenges that lie ahead without compromising on our culture and traditions and we make sure that they are always connected to their roots.

Therefore here our educating team has a well planned curriculum clubbed together with various activities pertaining to the all-round development of a child which prepares them to be leaders of tomorrow.

I wish all my students success and happiness.

God Bless!!

Shakti Anirudh Mittal

Chandpur- Bijnor road, near village Roniya, Chandpur, Distt- Bijnor, U.P.- 246725

[email protected]


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